Legends Coffee & Cafe – Katy

More than just a coffee and café… it’s a way of life

Brewing & Beans

Third Wave Coffee That Rocks

Legends doesn’t just serve a cup of coffee, but rather, an unforgettable coffee experience.

What defines amazing coffee is expert sourcing and roasting. Legends sources only the finest coffee beans selected from around the world. These beans are locally roasted, in small batches at Fort Bend roasters to ensure ultimate freshness. Roasting is done by bean type, to extract each bean’s best characteristics, producing blends with a unique aroma and complex, bold taste.

Legends is THE designation for those in Katy, and greater Houston, seeking an outstanding coffee experience.

Only the Best Teas Will Do

Enjoy an array of Rishi organic teas, both hot and cold, brewed to perfection every time.

Legendary SWAG

You can take Legends everywhere you go with our thermal travel mugs.

  • 20 oz tumbler is fashionable and functional!  Double-walled, stainless steel with copper insulation to help retain hot or cold temperatures for hours.
  • Our 24 oz acrylic dual-walled tumbler fits perfectly in most vehicle drink holders, and keeps hot or cold beverages at their optimal temperature.

Bags of Beans

You can enjoy the taste of locally roasted coffee at home by using the same quality, Fort Bend Roasters coffee beans served at Legends. Multiple varieties are available for purchase including…

  • Sumatra Gayo Takengon. Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Aromatic Wood
  • Marty’s Blend. Complex | Bittersweet | Caramel
  • Mexico Chiapas Jacinto. Smokey | Bittersweet | Cocoa
  • Colombia Sugarcane EA Decaf.  Caramel | Tangerine | Cocoa
Fort Bend

Legends is the designation for those in Katy, and greater Houston, seeking truly outstanding coffee.